Stacy Washington is a Christian, wife, mom, and political commentator. She is a nationally known pro-life advocate and speaker, and a decorated Air Force veteran. She is the host of "Stacy on the Right," a three-hour weeknight radio news/talk program on Sirius XM's Patriot Channel from 9pm to 12am CST. Stacy is also Co-Chair of the Project 21 National Advisory Council of the National Center for Public Policy Research. Stacy is an Emmy Nominated TV personality and has appeared on Fox News, Fox Business, CNN, The Blaze, PBS, RT TV, Al Jazeera, HuffPost Live, and a host of network TV stations.  


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Stacy talks with Corey Durbin, CEO of Shared Health Alliance. After his own experience using health share services, he helped start and found Shared Health Alliance to fill needs in the industry. What is a health share program? What does it cover? How does it work? And what does it cost? Tune in to hear more!

January 15, 2021


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