How to talk with your kids about political issues.

A Christian parent's guide to confident, prayerful conversation.

a discussion guide series by

Stacy Washington

Middle school Edition

Middle school is the prime time to explore how our government works! Voting is our right and responsibility, but every citizen plays a significant role in our city, state, and nation that extends far beyond the voting booth. You can inspire your tween to identify needs in your community and take action, explaining the process along the way. 

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high school Edition

Our high school students are under attack. State governments adapt curriculum to fit their particular objectives, and challenging the authority of board-approved curriculum is strongly discouraged. In addition, peer-pressure for students to conform to liberal thought is intense. As parents, we must give our students a solid foundation of Biblical truths if they are to stand firm against the liberal indoctrination.

college Edition

There are a lot of hot-topic issues trending in today's news and media circuits. Sometimes, discussing these issues with our indoctrinated college students can be stressful and intense. You want to share the truth, create a safe space to discuss ideas, and be respectful. But above all, you want to guide your student to view issues from a Biblical perspective. If the idea of engaging in political conversations with your young adult is less than exciting to you, we want to help!