Join MAC President Marv Schaefer and other members of the Speaker’s Bureau as they discuss current topics in creation, the origins debate, and interview experts in areas of creation research and apologetics. The Missouri Association for Creation has been defending Biblical creation since its inception in 1972, and continues to provide resources and presentations to churches, homeschool groups & schools, and the general public, educating and upholding the historicity and reliability of God’s Word, starting in Genesis.


Marv Schaefer


Zachary Klein introduces the Mastodon State Historic site and why it is important to the Ice Age and the Biblical record.

August 4, 2023


The James Webb Telescope and what it is revealing about our ever-expanding universe.

June 29, 2023


This episode looks at what the Book of Genesis says about created “kinds” or what God created in the animal kingdom outside of two humans.

May 17, 2023


Marv uses both absurdity and humor to press important points in his presentations. They are entertaining and thought-provoking for young adults as well as long-time believers.

April 25, 2023


Marv interviews Scott Jarus about the bi-annual tour hosted by MAC at the St. Louis Zoo and God’s incredible creativity in the animal kingdom.

March 10, 2023


Zak continues our interview Dr. Marcus Ross, creation paleontologist, on the subject of the historical Adam.

March 8, 2023


Marv and Zak introduce the podcast, and Zak interviews Dr. Marcus Ross, creation paleontologist, on the subject of the importance of Genesis, the Flood, and Biblical Creation.

February 3, 2023