Helping families
discern the truth in a culture of lies.

A digital resource library to help you nurture a Christian worldview in your home as you navigate today’s culture, news and politics.


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Know the truth

The Bible is the ultimate
guide to discerning truth.

Engage with the culture

Be in the world, but
not of the world.

Equip the next generation

Leave the legacy of a
Christian worldview.

It can be overwhelming & discouraging,
especially since you're just trying

to do the right thing.

It can be overwhelming
and discouraging,
especially since you're just trying

You want to lead your family well, but sometimes it's hard to resist the voices of our culture.

The world doesn't always tell us the truth, and with today's technology, the lies of the culture find their way into our homes.  If  you're not trained to recognize these lies, it can be difficult to prepare your family to stand against evil. 

We are inundated by messages from the world

equip your family to discern the truth

We're here to help you apply Biblical truth to today's culture, news and politics.

Leaving the legacy of a Christian worldview is one of the greatest gifts we can give to the next generation. But it won't happen by accident. Parents must intentionally nurture a deep love and understanding of who God is and train their children to be responsible, accountable individuals who will stand firm in their faith. By viewing everything through the lens of Biblical authority, you will give your child the ability to discern truth, so they will not be susceptible to the lies of our culture.

Discussion Guides

The idea of engaging in political conversations with our kids can be daunting and stressful. Our free discussion guides can help you and your children view issues through the lens of Biblical truth. 

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Stay on top of important news, be encouraged and challenge yourself to think Biblically. 

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Our library of podcast shows offer fresh perspective on family, relationships, Biblical encouragement and politlical issues.

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