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Dr. Gregory Seltz


Listen in with Dr. Gregory Seltz and his special guest, Dr. Gene Edward Veith for the legal, the cultural, and the faith perspective challenging us today.

November 8, 2021


Week in review, talking about cultural engagement with a 2KG mindset to bless the culture amidst the chaos, and undergird the mission of the Church. 

November 1, 2021


This week we discuss several upcoming, religious liberty, Supreme Court cases that can affect the Church and her ministry.

October 26, 2021


Being branded “domestic terrorists” is not merely a misuse of the FBI, it is a silencing of critics on a massive scale. What are Christian parents to do?

October 18, 2021


This week on The Liberty Alert we’re talking to Mary Ann Hanusa on why “the sanctity of life” is a message the country needs now more than ever.

October 11, 2021


It seems that people can’t talk with each other about anything anymore without things getting heated. What happened to civil dialogue, or honest disagreement? With things getting so overly politicized today, shouldn’t we just “tone down the rhetoric?” Or is there a better way?

October 4, 2021